This photo was taken in Cotonou Benin by Marc Bullens, North Star Alliance Project Manager West Africa.

“This is one of the hunderds fuel sellers in Cotonou. Those guys risk their life every day to earn a few euros. They get the fuel in Nigeria where its half the price as in Benin. They then travel with their motorcycles with empty cans to Nigeria and return to Benin with 100 to 150 litres fuel on their bike. The people here call them kamikazes, because almost weekly there is one who explodes on the highway.”

Marc Bullens is currently supporting ALCO (Abidjan Lagos Corridor Organization) with the implementation of North Star’s COMETS system along the Abidjan Lagos corridor in West Africa.

  1. 12 August 2011

    Thanks so much Marc for sharing this photo. Lets hope he has steady hands! Please continue to keep us posted throughout your travels.

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