Our Team.

Meet Our Management Board

We are proud of our committed and diverse board members, driven by our common goal to provide quality healthcare to mobile workers and the communities they interact with.

Ms. Eva Mwai


Eva has worked as a leader and manager in the NGO sector for more than 20 years. She has managed a wide range of programmes in both rural and urban set-ups. As the Regional Director for East Africa, Eva provides strategic direction and leadership. Since the early years of her career, Eva has been a strong advocate for deserving populations. She has studied social work, management and is currently pursuing a course in sustainable human development.

Ms. Rozaan van der Westhuysen


Rozaan has been working within North Star’s finance team since 2007 starting in Southern Africa. In 2020, she has been promoted to Finance Director for the Alliance, taking end responsibility for all the financials. Rozaan is a result-driven manager with over ten years of finance experience skilled in providing professional financial services to ensure compliance with fiduciary policies, procedures and practices and to enable efficient and transparent financial management. Additionally, Rozaan ensures that financial risks held within North Star’s portfolio are effectively and efficiently mitigated and reporting is managed diligently.

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