The #powerofmany

Our model

Working together, we can ensure that mobile workers have access to health.

Our model is responsive to our target populations and tailored to their health needs. With a focus on mobile workers and the communities they interact with, most of our Blue Box clinics are placed in strategic locations along major transport corridors in sub-Saharan Africa. These are hotspots for our population groups, places like border crossings, ports, and informal villages where large groups gather or spend the night. Each Blue Box clinic practices flexible opening hours tailored to meet local clients’ needs, often meaning opening hours stretching into the evening.


As more and more people cross borders for work, recreation or safety, the risk of disease spreading from country to country grows.

How it works

Working with government, business and civil society partners, we identify disease hotspots along the major transport routes, place clinics housed in containers (our Blue Boxes), and form teams of local community health workers to reach our clients with essential health services and public health information.

Why it Works

We optimise the locations and opening hours of our clinics. Our electronic health passports system enables our patients to continue their treatment at any of our clinics along their route. Our collaboration with government and NGO partners allows us to refer patients with complications to other health facilities.


Starting in sub-Saharan Africa, we are building a network of primary health clinics supported by targeted prevention programs to stop the spread of disease.

What makes us unique.

What makes us different?

Local Expertise

Our international network of local operators. Employing and skilling up local staff, ensuring local expertise leverages community impact.

Innovative Model

Our innovative service delivery model with a wide ranging, low-cost and scalable network of Blue Box clinics.

Unique Access

Our unique access to a hard-to-reach group of clients; mobile workers like truck drivers, sex workers, and the community members they interact with.

Active Partners

Our expansive network of active government, business and civil society partners.

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