About Us.

Who We Are

Our mission is shaped around the concept that “if they can’t get to healthcare, then healthcare must get to them.”

Working at the crossroad of disease and mobility

North Star is a pioneer in last-mile health for mobile populations and the communities they interact with. In practice, we convert shipping containers into Blue Box clinics, also known as Roadside Wellness Centres (RWCs), to provide health services to our target groups.  Our Blue Boxes are strategically placed at border crossings, transit towns, and ports where sex work and informal trade thrive. Blue Boxes provides health services focusing on HIV prevention and treatment, diagnosis and treatment for common ailments, TB screening and treatment, and screening of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Our Mission & Vision.

We aspire to provide healthcare to mobile workers and the communities they interact with. Our network of Blue Box clinics along Africa’s transport corridors offers high-quality, cost-effective healthcare that guarantees dignity and safety. Our entrepreneurial culture enables us to adapt quickly to the changing environment, assuring the target populations of current and impactful healthcare solutions. 


A world where people lead healthy lives.


To provide quality healthcare to mobile workers and the communities, they interact with.


People Matter

We treat everyone with respect and dignity, we build relationships, and we believe in our peers and colleagues.


We embrace transparency and accountability, we are people of our word, and we are committed to high ethical standards.


We strive for excellence in everything we do, we consistently deliver high-quality service to our clients, and we adhere to the highest set of quality standards.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We make the best out of our situation, we explore and embrace new ideas, and we are committed to innovation.

What We Do