Public and private partnerships are a key component of North Star Alliance’s success.

We recognise that no single organisation acting alone can turn the tide in public health, and so we are always on the lookout for new people, groups and organisations to join our Alliance.

Why partner with North Star Alliance?

We provide tailored solutions to global health issues

Our desire to partner with organisations is grounded in our belief that making a positive impact on the health of our target groups requires a multi-disciplinary approach tailored to local circumstances. We do not believe that we, or any other single actor, can provide a ‘total solution’ to the health problems of hard-to-reach populations, but together we can make a difference.

We have a strong network

Since our beginning we have worked with more than 70 different partners, from multinational companies through to locally-based non-governmental organisations and family foundations.
As we are now poised on the verge of a major international breakthrough, a rare opportunity exists for partners looking to rapidly scale their health investments, working side-by-side with a group of some of the leading impact investors in global health today.

We have proven expertise

Our approach is proven and works: we help public, private and civil society stakeholders gain deeper insights into the health seeking behaviour of hard-to-reach populations while increasing the capacity of regional, national and local health services to meet these needs through our innovative approach to data analytics.

We’re scalable

We can rapidly and efficiently deploy our Blue Boxes to disease hotspots so that governments, businesses and civil society partners can have quality clinical facilities in place within a matter of weeks. Should disease or populations patterns shift, or partner health priorities change, our Blue Boxes can easily be moved to more strategic locations.

We have a focus on innovation and optimisation

Our Blue Box clinics are networked using COMETS, our electronic health passport system, allowing continuation of care for our patients and real-time analysis of medical and programme data. Our ability to generate big data gives the COMETS the potential to serve as an advanced public health surveillance instrument, enabling health partners and governments to better anticipate disease outbreaks and other public health risks, such as the recent Ebola outbreak. In 2013 COMETS won the GBCHealth Business Action on Health Award (awarded by the Global Business Coalition on Health).

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