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Photo(s) of the Week | Road Show in Rome

North Star Alliance Road Show hit the road again! This time at the Headquarters of one of our founding partners, The World Food Programme (WFP), in Rome. During our three-day visit, we had the opportunity to talk to over 140 visitors from all areas of the WFP, including WFP’s new Executive Director Ertharin Cousin. While […]

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Photo of the Week | Hogwarts and Highways

A small store owned by a local businessman stays open late into the night in Chirundu with customers watching a Harry Potter DVD on the television. This small settlement on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe is a key transit point on the Great North trucking route from South Africa through to East Africa and […]

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Photo of the week | Highway Robbery

Last week we introduced you to one of the strangest visitors ever to stop by our Roadside Wellness Center in Chirundu South, Zimbabwe. Only 200 meters from our Wellness Centre during the same site visit we came across a particularly mischievous group at the border that gives a new face to the old expression “highway […]

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Photo of the week | An unlikely visitor

This young bull elephant is a frequent visitor to the North Star Alliance Wellness Centre (top right) in Chirundu South, Zimbabwe. He often strolls by about 6pm with little more than a glance from staff. However, he has been known to snap off the water tap, trample some plants and startle the visiting North Star […]

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Photo of the week | North of Machakos

This photo was taken on the fly while travelling the busy Mombasa highway between Machakos Junction and Nairobi (Kenya). This is the main corridor for trucks carrying goods between Mombasa and Kampala (Uganda) and you can tell that the drivers are in it for the long haul. Staying safe on this road requires skilled driving, […]

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