From City Deep to Pomona: North Star on the move

This week, our City Deep Roadside Wellness Centre in South Africa was safely relocated to the Pomona truck stop, around 30kms away, on the eastern side of Johannesburg.

When our RWC wasn’t getting the numbers that we were hoping for, our regional team took up the task of surveying the area for the next ideal location. Pomona truck stop was identified as having a heavy traffic flow, one of the busiest truck stops in the Gauteng Province.

Plans were then made for the move of the RWC, and our staff assisted with the move this week. Happily, they ensured that our Blue Box was transported safely and securely, despite some heavy downpours of rain, and the corresponding difficulties with the crane becoming stuck in the mud.

For now though, we’re ready to open up again for business on Monday!

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