North Star Alliance asks motorists to “Arrive Alive”

The 14th annual Arrive Alive campaign was launched in Bloemfontein, South Africa, on Friday, presented by partners Life Rosepark Hospital, Shell Ultra City Pitstop, the Free State Department of Health and the Department of Police, Roads and Transport. The road safety project seeks to unite all medical, traffic, police and emergency services workers across public and private sectors, as they recommit themselves to the safety of motorists during the festive season.

Launching at Shell Ultra City Pitstop Bloemfontein, the campaign had our Bloemfontein Roadside Wellness Centre (RWC) team thoroughly involved from the beginning. A key part of the local trucking scene, our team are all too aware of the increased traffic incidents around the festive season, and actively use their networks and services to remind truckers to practice safe driving techniques during this busy period.

Guest speaker at the launch, Mr Reuben Ruiters, Director of EMS from the Free State Department of Health, asked emergency workers to “be empathetic to those entrusted in their care as their daily tasks are for the love of mankind”.

Arrive Alive has three primary objectives, namely to;

  • Create realistic awareness to motorists and travellers through the region on the health; emergency and security services present in the province, and what their day-to-day tasks include.
  • Create a fun, visible and interactive platform to relate with motorists and travellers through demonstrations and promotional activities. Reminding them to travel safe, keep healthy and remember emergency numbers.
  • Acknowledge the hard work, commitment and dedication of the public-and private emergency; medical and security services – especially during the festive season.

It was recommended that the general public travelling through the region en route to summer holiday destinations, should determine which hospitals and emergency services are on the way and save their paramedic- or emergency numbers on their phones.

North Star Alliance Bloemfontein RWC will be participating in the event, which stretched from December 13 through to January 4, 2015.

More information can be found at the Arrive Alive Facebook site, or their website.

Photo Credit: (featured photo) Shell Ultra City Pitstop Bloemfontein Facebook page.

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