On International Workers’ Day, countries around the world take the time to recognise the important role that workers and labour movements have played in securing fair employment standards and building a culture respectful of worker and human rights. In 2006, we opened our first clinic (Roadside Wellness Centre) in response to the realisation that mobile workers were disproportionately affected by a range of communicable diseases and that little infrastructure existed to provide health services needed to address the issue. As a result, the health of mobile workers has always been one of our top priorities and continues to be a central reason why we are expanding our network of clinics along Africa’s busiest transport corridors.

Last week, in recognition of Workers’ Day, our team at one of our newest clinics, in Ficksburg South Africa, reached out to their community at a Workers’ Day celebration to provide HIV counselling and testing (HCT) services and build awareness about North Star. We’re happy to share Makalo Nathane’s report on the day’s activities:

For us in Ficksburg, there is no time for holiday. We are hard at work doing outreach at the workers’ day celebration! Here you can see Motshabi Potloane, our Peer Educator, preparing our work station.

No time to rest!

Need I say more?

Not even our security guard wanted to be left out for this occasion.

Time to test the machine before starting work.

Workers as they enter the stadium.

Our Peer Educator conducting HCT on one of the patients – HCT in action.

Clients waiting their turn for a HCT.

Happy patient taken through HCT.


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