North Star is pleased to welcome Qurius to our Alliance of Partners. Qurius is a Netherlands-based technology solutions company that provides design, architecture, infrastructure, deployment and systems management of Microsoft-based business and IT solutions.

Qurius has helped North Star roll out an Information Technology Road Map.  Phase one outlines upgrades to our office communications software. Our core business is dependent on technology that enables us to communicate fast and accurately. This is of particular importance for keeping in touch with our employees and partners across some of the most remote regions of Africa.  That’s why we need a system that is dependable and easy to use.

Qurius is also helping us achieve these technology goals by assisting with North Star’s migration to Microsoft Office 365.  This software will allow for a complete sync of contacts, email and, most importantly, seamless document sharing and collaboration tools. Qurius has committed to providing consulting services to North Star and will be working closely with our IT team in our Utrecht office.

We are grateful for this contribution from Qurius and very excited to welcome them to our growing alliance of partners.

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