North Star is pleased to welcome Cisco Systems, a worldwide leader in the provision of networking, communications and collaborative tools, as the newest member of our growing alliance of more than 70 public, private and social partners. Cisco’s commitment to North Star highlights its relentless support of initiatives that demonstrate concrete impact.

At North Star, connectivity is a business-critical issue. Since our core business is helping people on the move stay healthy and safe, it is essential that our networks are, and stay, connected at all times. This is of particular importance for our electronic health passport system, COMETS, which gives patients access to their essential health information at any one of our 25 clinics across East, West, and Southern Africa.

Cisco is supporting North Star through a donation of sophisticated hardware that will enable reliable network coverage across all of North Star’s operations. Further, Cisco has provided North Star with access to their WebEx Software, strengthening our capacity to collaborate through video-conferencing across our regions with minimal service interruptions. Cisco has also committed to set-up and provide ongoing technical support for all of these technologies.

We are grateful for Cisco’s contribution and very excited to welcome them to our growing alliance of partners.

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