Project Overview

This project aims to increase availability and accessibility of sustainable, reliable, quality, and evidence-based comprehensive HIV prevention, care, and treatment services for Female Sex Workers (FSW) in Nakuru County. The project works closely with the county governments towards achieving “epidemic control” and integrating Family Planning (FP)/Reproductive Maternal New-born Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) care. The project is implemented in 6 sub-counties within Nakuru County, namely: Rongai, Kuresoi South, Kuresoi North, Molo, Njoro and Naivasha.

Objectives of the project

  • Increased availability of a comprehensive package comprising integrated HIV prevention, care & treatment services for 6,280 FSWs with systems strengthening for KPs in Nakuru County.
  • Increased availability of a comprehensive package of integrated HIV prevention, care & treatment, RH/FP/MNCH services for 6,280 FSWs in Nakuru County and systems strengthening.

Grant period

July 2023 – June 2024


USAID in a consortium led by Deloitte as the prime and North Star as part of the sub-recipients.

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Our clinics are located at ‘hotspots’ such as border posts, transit towns or ports where large numbers of trucks stop, load and offload and where sex work and informal trades flourish. Most are open late, tailored to the hours of our core target populations.