TNT WFP Partnership Celebrates its 10th Anniversary [VIDEO]

Ten years ago, North Star Alliance core partners’ TNT Express and the UN World Food Programme embarked on an innovative public-private partnership to help address the urgency of world hunger. Several years later, North Star emerged from this partnership as a practical response to the AIDS crisis, which was decimating transport workers and other mobile populations in Southern Africa.

Today, the TNT-WFP partnership continues to bring life-saving assistance to millions. Further, in 2011 alone, North Star Alliance provided almost 200,000 truck drivers, sex workers and corridor-community members across Africa with essential health and safety services at our growing network of Roadside Wellness Centres. This week, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their partnership, we congratulate both partners for reaching this significant milestone and wish them many more years of ground-breaking collaboration.

Learn more about this innovative partnership by visiting TNT’s Moving the World website. You can also learn more about their role in founding North Star Alliance on our History page.


  1. Congratulations to TNT and the World Food Programme on this very significant anniversary. It is incredible to see such a successful public-private partnership model and the wide spread impact it can have on communities around the world.

  2. Congratulations to TNT and WFP on this impressive milestone!

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