Project Overview

Together with County Governments and other key stakeholders, we established Crisis Response Teams (CRT) to address and support the management of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) cases. The CRT comprise representation from affected beneficiaries who are survivors of violence, caregivers of survivors, the Police, the Judiciary, the Office of Public Prosecution, the Ministry of Health, and other organisations offering SGBV services. The TTS3 project supports scaling up the current CRT programme by adding North Star clinics in East Africa: Malaba and Emali to the existing eight clinics with CRTs (under TTS2). North Star envisions the introduction of innovations that will strengthen and support the existing CRTs while increasing the number of CRTs across the North Star network, including, but not limited to: 

a) targeted service developments to improve key population reach and engagement;

b) maintaining the current revenue generation pilot and expanding to another clinic, and

c) rolling out the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to the other clinics with CRTs. It is implemented in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, and Southern Africa.

Objectives of the project

  • CRT Scale Up: Scale-up of support and innovative interventions within the current CRTs at the 8 TTS2 Blue Box clinics while also expanding to two new clinics in East Africa.
  • Revenue Generation Model: Maintain the current revenue generation clinic – Cato Ridge, in South Africa, and expand the pilot to a clinic in East Africa.
  • Electronic Medical Records: Develop and facilitate virtual frontline staff training curriculum; transition the cross-border functionality system to a fully functional final architecture; plan rolls out per selected group of clinics or country and rolls out to selected Blue Box clinics and virtual training of frontline and supporting staff.

Grant period

July 2021 – June 2023


Grand Challenges Canada

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Our clinics are located at ‘hotspots’ such as border posts, transit towns or ports where large numbers of trucks stop, load and offload and where sex work and informal trades flourish. Most are open late, tailored to the hours of our core target populations.