“Meet people on the move across Africa and provide them with basic health care”. While North Star’s mission seems simple, by many, it can be seen as a nearly impossible challenge. The latest numbers coming in from our electronic health passport system, COMETS, however, are showing the success.

Because of this success, we’re preparing to extend our network of Roadside Wellness Centres to even more border and transport communities where normally access to health and safety information and services is severely limited. The infographic “The Difference We Made” highlights this success and importance of the work North Star Alliance, and our network of partners, are doing – day in and day out.

Click the infographic below to see a larger version, download it and share it on Twitter and Facebook with your friends!

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  1. 13 October 2011

    Great work on this graphic Sam. I’m looking forward to seeing more blue dots and orange countries in the coming year!

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