Started in 2010, North Star’s Blog is now a solid database composed of 180 posts narrating our journey to bring health to hard-to-reach populations in Africa and those who make it possible on a daily basis.

Interviews, infographics, videos, exciting news pieces, (re)discover the best articles of the last 5 years:

1. Driving the AIDS Response through Art

2. At the Crossroads [VIDEO]

3. North Star recruits celebrity cricket commentator for truck driver healthcare

4. Taking North Star on the Road

5. New ORTEC system helps North Star Alliance ‘optimize the world’

6. Preventable, Curable and Claiming Lives: Malaria

7. Accelerating Health and Road Safety through NSEWA Learning Network

8. Stories about AIDS in Malawi

9. The Difference We Made | January – August 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]

10. Tips to Reduce High Blood Pressure

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