Supply chains are in many ways the backbone of economic development and security around the world. Ensuring that the transporters who keep them running are healthy, safe, and have access to the proper infrastructure and technology is, therefore, of tremendous importance. Without each of these critical factors in place, businesses can’t move their goods to…

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a tiny bag of popcorn while you watch “On the Road with North Star Alliance” – a new promotional video outlining the history of North Star Alliance, our approach, and impact of our work, both on the ground across Africa and for our partners around the world.

TNT-North Star Alliance Roadshow at ORTEC

Over the past month, North Star Alliance and TNT have hit the road, visiting truck stops, conferences, and office blocks across Europe to raise awareness about health, mobility, and the important role North Star Alliance’s network of Roadside Wellness Centers is playing across East, West, and Southern Africa.

Aid or Trade Logo

Recently, “Aid or Trade”, a Dutch series about responsible business initiatives in Africa, took the time to visit our Durban office, as well as our Roadside Wellness Centre at Cato Ridge, to learn more about North Star Alliance, our programs, and our partners. The result of this visit is a wonderful four minute segment that…

Women in the Driver’s Seat features stills and audio by New York photographer, Liz Rubincam. Liz traveled with three female truck drivers during their 12-hour shifts in Durban and Tongaat. She documented their work and home environment over a two-month period which culminated in this multi-media piece.

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