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Meet Samba, our Project Manager in The Gambia

Over the past seven years, North Star Alliance has been built by not only a dedicated management team, but also our incredible staff on the ground. Now covering three regions – Eastern, Southern and Western Africa – our staff are not only hard working, but the unsung heroes of the work that we do with […]

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The Long and Winding Road: Setting up a North Star Alliance Roadside Wellness Centre in The Gambia

Setting up a ‘wellness centre’ is no easy or straightforward task. Just like the roads here in The Gambia, it can be a bumpy ride…the iconic red dust of the African countryside clogs your senses – it impairs your vision, stifles your nose and blurs your thinking. In the midst of such uncertainty, all one wants is some guidance – a clearly marked signpost or updated map – to get you back on the right track.

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