Over the past seven years, North Star Alliance has been built by not only a dedicated management team, but also our incredible staff on the ground. Now covering three regions – Eastern, Southern and Western Africa – our staff are not only hard working, but the unsung heroes of the work that we do with…

Phillippe Duterloo at North Star Alliance Truck

The following article was written by Phillippe Duterloo, North Star Alliance Intern through the TNT Global Experience Program. It is not every day that an intern gets sent to The Gambia and asked to solely represent an organization and kick-start its expansion in West-Africa. No easy job. However, the decision and trust North Star Alliance…

Setting up a ‘wellness centre’ is no easy or straightforward task. Just like the roads here in The Gambia, it can be a bumpy ride…the iconic red dust of the African countryside clogs your senses – it impairs your vision, stifles your nose and blurs your thinking. In the midst of such uncertainty, all one wants is some guidance – a clearly marked signpost or updated map – to get you back on the right track.

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