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Taking North Star on the Road

The following post was written by Rosanne Bonanno, Senior Communication Manager at TNT, and Project Manager for the TNT/North Star Alliance Road Show It started on a dreary January day at the Dutch Port of Rotterdam. Shielded in a car from the driving rain, I waited impatiently while a 40-foot truck container was offloaded from […]

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Memory, all alone in health care?

If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.  – African proverb I am sometimes asked which of my past experiences has helped me most in my current work at North Star. I’m not quick enough to give my best answer on the spot, so I usually mumble something […]

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The business approach

NGO-land has been in the grip of the “business approach” hype for some time now. As it goes with hypes, the interesting or original insights that kicked the whole thing off have become largely obscured under a superficial layer of jargon. Is there anything of substance left? There are two main variants to the business hype: Variant […]

PPP 3.0

After working on public-private partnerships (PPPs) for the better part of the last seven years, I’m pleased and surprised to see that we’re moving into a new phase, which I’ll call PPP 3.0. Pleased, because of the almost limitless potential of the new paradigm. Surprised, because it seems like only yesterday that 2.0 was released.

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