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“The Field”, ”Stakeholders”, “Target Groups”, “Beneficiaries” and a personal reflection on Sustainability.

Malawi was the place where the first Wellness Centre was implemented in 2005. Now in 2011, the Centre is still up and running with some of the most experienced staff in the organization and I am proud of them because they understand the meaning of their work: they are the ones who change hundreds of lives, of truck drivers, and sex workers…and those of the many other “target group” members that benefits from our services.

CategoriesFrom our Clinics

Stories about AIDS in Malawi

Making the decision to get tested for HIV can be difficult. For many, it means confronting not only the status of their own health, but their social status within a community as well. Ensuring that every community has access to high quality information, counseling, and medical care is, therefore, paramount to reducing not only the number of new infections, but the overall health and wellbeing of a community.

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