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A major update of our COMETS health software is on the way.

A brand new version of our health passport system ‘COMETS‘ is currently under development in the Netherlands and will be launched by December. Made in partnership with ORTEC, this update should fix the major flaws of the software and considerably improve the user-friendliness of the interface, optimising its usability. Officially named ‘ISON 0.1’ but internally […]

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North Star Alliance and ALCO Organise COMETS Training in Benin

As part of our partnership with the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Organisation (ALCO), North Star Alliance’s custom made electronic patient management system COMETS is now also being implemented in ALCO’s 8 existing information units at the borders and 13 referral centers along West Africa’s busiest transport corridor. In order for the system to become fully operational, ALCO and North […]

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Vote for ORTEC and North Star Alliance in the 11parterns in 2011 Campaign

ORTEC and North Star Alliance are participating in the “11partners in 2011” campaign. This campaign, organized by, recognizes partnerships between Non-Governmental Organizations (such as North Star) and commercial organizations such as ORTEC, one of North Star’s core partners. With this campaign NUzakelijk, Partners4Change and Young Professionals Make the Difference aim to stimulate the cooperation […]

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