What defines the leading corporate health programs? How are companies across sectors thinking about innovation, sustainability and the future of their work? Learn from the 2013 Business Action on Health award winners as they discuss their current programs’ effectiveness and their goals for the years ahead. Recently, GBCHealth announced a new video interview series called…

North Star Alliance Director Paul Matthew Recognised as Ashoka Fellow

Paul Matthew, North Star Alliance’s Regional Director Southern Africa, was recently selected to become an Ashoka Fellow, in recognition of his continuing efforts to limit the spread of HIV and other diseases among mobile populations and corridor communities across Africa. Paul, who played a critical role in establishing North Star Alliance, and in developing and…

On May 16th, North Star Alliance and long time partner ORTEC were awarded the 2013 Technology for Health Award at the GBCHealth Business Action on Health Awards in New York, in recognition of their combined efforts to track and counter the spread of disease with a unique electronic health passport system, called COMETS. Today, we’re…

Computerworld announced today that our long-time parter, ORTEC, has been named as a 2013 Honors Laureate in recognition of their work with North Star Alliance.

Last week we were proud to announce that Paul Matthew, North Star Alliance’s Director Africa, was named as Social Entrepreneur of the Year Africa by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship at the World Economic Forum on Africa, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Today we wanted to share some of the footage from this exciting announcement….

Mr. Paul Matthew

Matthew, a South African national, was one of five African social entrepreneurs to be presented with the award at a special ceremony, which took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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