Star Driver: Kenya prepares for roll-out

Last week, all staff members working in our Kenyan Roadside Wellness Centres received two days of solid training on our Star Driver programme, aimed at promoting and mastering the programme, and inciting Truck Drivers to participate in frequent health checks in exchange of an honorary (but yet valuable) certificate.

The programme kicked off on day one with the team getting a clear understanding of the programme, and ended with role-play exercises where all participants were asked to sell the programme to a fictional Truck Driver. This first part of the training process turned out to be incredibly insightful, as presenting strong arguments can highly increase the chance of getting Drivers to join the programme.

During the second day, a clinician from the Kenyan Ministry of Health and another external health trainer taught the staff everything they needed to know about running vision and hearing tests. Passing both of these exams, alongside HIV testing, form an essential part of the requirements to obtain the Star Driver certificate.

Currently finalising the remaining details, including the provision of marketing material in Swahili, the Star Driver programme, which is already active in three clinics (Emali, Maai-Mahiu and Salgaa), will be deployed across all of our seven Blue Boxes present in Kenya.

If you want more information about the Star Driver programme, you can catch-up on our previous article about the project or visit our ‘initiatives‘ page.

Star Driver Training group picture

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