Project Overview

This project is a partnership between North Star Alliance Southern Africa and ADEM. North Star offers primary healthcare services, outreaches and behaviour change communication and education while ADEM provides the target groups with organisational support, training, technical assistance, project feasibility studies, economic empowerment activities, project financing support, commercialisation support and improvement of the business environment. This project aims to reach 6,550 beneficiaries in the Inchope clinic catchment communities with a particular focus on sex workers, adolescent girls and young women, and truck drivers.

Objectives of the project

  • Mobilise the Key Population (KPs include truckers, sex workers, adolescents, and vulnerable young women).
  • Provide outreach service with specific focus on behaviour change communication.
  • Increase access to community-based services which includes primary health care services, HIV services, including ART initiation when the site is accredited to provide ART, STI screening services, TB screening services, sexual reproductive health and rights (including addressing GBV) services, condom distribution and COVID-19 screening and preventative interventions.
  • Promote alternative and sustainable economic activities in the value chain logic for the economic inclusion of sex workers.
  • Facilitate the integration of sex workers in socio-economic activities including formal and vocational education.

Grant period

01 August 2022 – 31 January 2023


World Food Programme (WFP)

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Our clinics are located at ‘hotspots’ such as border posts, transit towns or ports where large numbers of trucks stop, load and offload and where sex work and informal trades flourish. Most are open late, tailored to the hours of our core target populations.