Photo of the week | Road Show & Sex and Secrets

This photo was taken during the road show at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MiBuZa) in September 2011 and shows TNT/North Star Alliance Project Manager Rosanne Bonanno explaining the mission of North Star to visitors.

To date, the road show has travelled to five countries – Belgium, France, Italy, The Netherlands and Switzerland – and provided more than 2,300 people with insight into how North Star’s Roadside Wellness Centres (RWC) are operating.

In cooperation with the MiBuZa, North Star Alliance became a partner and exhibitor at this year’s Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research`s event “Sex & Secrets – Secrets of successful policies in the field of sexual health, HIV/AIDS and development” in The Hague. Strengthened by the feedback of the conference visitors – all experts on prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS – North Star adapted competences as a provider of basic health care for mobile populations, sex workers and surrounding communities in Africa.

To reach ambitious goals, it is important to have a strong network of partners. Events like the road show highlight the successes of North Star’s existing partnerships and provide an opportunity to network with new partners. Thanks to everyone for their interest, and words of support.

Photo Credit: Samuel Scheier & Alexander Stukenberg

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