NSEWA Learning Network to improve road freight industry

Johannesburg, South Africa: A new and unique training product for truck drivers is being released this month. ‘NSEWA’ is an initiative to close the gap between health services and road safety through specially designed driver safety training and health-related programmes aimed at the road freight industry. The learning network, initially launched in March this year, has completed its pilot stage and is ready to go live commercially and lead the way in promoting health and safety in the South African transport industry.

“The NSEWA learning network pilot has given us a great indication of how NSEWA will contribute towards a safer and healthier transport industry in South Africa,” says Paul Matthew, Director Southern Africa for North Star Alliance. “We are ready to bring an innovative training package that is new to the market.”

NSEWA was piloted in South Africa with local and regional transport companies earlier this year. The pilot assessed the aim of the learning network: a modular training package aimed at refreshing and reinforcing skills for drivers who have already had some training but lack specific knowledge and skills needed to stay healthy and safe while on the road.

“The results of the pilot enabled us to assess the effects of the NSEWA learning network on a driver’s knowledge and behaviour. The transport companies that participated in the pilot were also able to track the benefits and results of the learning network,” says Rose van Steijn, Programme Manager for Fleet Forum.
“We are excited about the results which we were able to obtain from the truck drivers’ survey and the assessment at the end of each module of the learning programme,” she says.

By coming together under NSEWA, North Star Alliance, a leader in healthcare delivery for mobile populations, and Fleet Forum, a leader in delivering standards-based solutions for the humanitarian and commercial transport sector, create a powerful force to accelerate targeted health and safety for the transport industry.

This comprehensive training package is made possible through support from the UPS Foundation and the Road Safety Fund in conjunction with the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Learn more about NSEWA by checking out this short video or by visiting the NSEWA website:

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