We’ve said before that ‘no single organisation, acting on its own, can turn the tide on public health’ – it is only together that we can make long-term change – and this week we’re celebrating the addition of a new partner to our Alliance.

Our team in Southern Africa is proud to announce a local partnership with Médecins Sans Frontières – Malawi, who have very kindly stepped in at a crucial funding moment to support our Roadside Wellness Clinic at Mwanza for three months by sponsoring wages of our staff. With their help we are able to keep our Mwanza Clinic open through to the end of the year, with continuity of service to locals and truck drivers, as we finalise a longer-term funding opportunity.

This has an enormous impact on the lives of our clients, as we head into the busy pre-Christmas season and transport corridors experience higher-than-usual volumes of traffic, meaning that they can continue to access high quality health care throughout this busy season. In addition, our staff are reminded that their roles are valued not only by the clients, but by fellow NGOs who recognise the value of our service in the truckstop communities.

From the team at North Star, across the globe, we welcome you both to our Alliance, and thank you for believing in our cause and investing in the future of Africa’s hard-to-reach populations.

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