We are pleased to announce that North Star has completed the roll-out of our new biometric verification technology at all our Roadside Wellness Centres (RWCs) in Eastern and Western Africa. Thanks to the generous support of AIDS Fonds and DERMALOG Identification Systems the new ZF1 fingerprint readers will help us more accurately and quickly verify the identity of returning clients.

In the next stage of development we will move to use the readers to identify the clients, further streamlining the registration process.

Data security, client confidentiality and convenience are key components of North Star’s client-centred approach to healthcare delivery. The new ZF1 readers have been widely accepted by our clinical staff and clients alike.

Roll-out of the fingerprint readers is in an advanced stage at North Star’s clinics in Southern Africa as well. By the end of August we expect to have all our clinics running the new verification package.

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