North Star launches 4th Annual State of the Road Survey

North Star’s fourth annual State of the Road Survey is ready to launch next month across Kenya and South Africa. The survey, which involves teams of volunteers interviewing 800 truck drivers across the regions, aims to get a better understanding of the factors influencing health, safety and economic issues of truck drivers. In addition, the survey looks at their service preferences, with the information collated and used to design optimal service packages.

The Kenyan Northern Corridor, and the South African North-South Corridor is targeted, being key transport artery’s passing through North Star’s vibrant network of Blue Box roadside wellness centres. Truck drivers who are passing through, along with truck drivers presenting for health services will be invoted to join the survey, ensuring a diverse range of participants.

For the first time this year, the State of the Road Survey will be actioned using tablet PCs to improve and guarantee survey results on a high level, allowing comprehensive data analysis. The face-to-face structured questionnaire will be executed by specifically trained survey assistants, currently undergoing training ahead of the launch.

Building on top of the previous three years of data, North Star is able to continuously improve our network of health services to best provide for this vulnerable and moving population, and ensure that our service model remains relevant.

For this survey have been supported by QuestionPro. Thanks to their generosity, we have access to powerful feedback software that helps us track and analyse critical data for our stakeholders.

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