North Star is taking Ebola seriously.


The Board of Directors for North Star Alliance have appointed Dr. Beatrice Lüthi, a specialist in tropical medicine, to act as Ebola coordinator for the organisation.

Beatrice joins us from her previous position as Medical Coordinator for our Southern Africa Region, and her medical specialisation, combined with her experience and understanding of our organisation, will be an asset to the team.

Working closely with the Regional Medical Coordinators, Beatrice will ensure that North Star clinical teams and management are up to date on the latest precautions, that we have standard protocols in place, and that medical staff have a direct contact to discuss Ebola-related issues.

From today, Beatrice will be contacting the Regional Coordinators to establish communications and working arrangements.

North Star sees the importance of clear communications strategies in the midst of the current Ebola outbreak, and will work towards equipping our staff with the knowledge and skills to deal with Ebola safely, and in line with WHO guidelines, should it become present in their community.

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