North Star Confirms Scoping Mission to West Africa

North Star Alliance is proud to confirm that a scoping mission to West Africa is currently taking place, with the aim to identify key areas within which the team can work alongside partnering NGO’s in the fight against Ebola.

With a strong background in providing quality health services to mobile and hard-to-reach populations, the organisation knows well the value of prevention and education in the spread of disease, and they believe it is in this field that they can make the most difference.

The scoping mission is being undertaken by a staff member based in West Africa, in partnership with the World Food Programme, and is being focused on areas within Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

Like many diseases, the spread of Ebola has been linked with mobile populations, the target group of clients that North Star specialises in.

While it is yet to be confirmed in what way North Star Alliance will be operating in West Africa, they look forward to providing support to the people of West Africa. Standard operations will continue within the existing East and Southern regions, where plans are underway to roll out Ebola prevention and education activities.

More to follow.

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