Growing North Star: our new Strategic Outlook plots the way forward

Part of the evolution of every healthy organisation is a thorough assessment of purpose and direction.

At ten years old, North Star Alliance has matured into a multinational organisation and recognised pioneer in our field – and yet we feel like we are only just beginning. In 2016 we took stock of where we were, how we got there and where we wanted to go, and together with the whole North Star Team shaped our new four-year Strategic Outlook.

We agreed on a broad definition of health, and that healthcare is not only about treating people with a specific problem, but also about empowering people to take their own health into their own hands. We acknowledged the role we have to play in health delivery on a global level, with nods to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and UNAIDS Fast-Track Strategy to end AIDS by 2030.

When asked about our vision, ‘how do we picture the ideal world?’, our vision was clear: we envision a world where all people lead healthy lives.

The expanded view of health, and our ten years of experience, drew our attention to the many other mobile population groups who are away from home for work, with similar health issues, risks, and a lack of access to primary healthcare. We amended our mission to include these groups: we provide quality healthcare to mobile workers and the community members they interact with.

At the core of our organisation, our DNA values of People Matter, Integrity, Quality and Entrepreneurial Spirit remain the same, running throughout our Strategic Outlook and our daily operations. These are now complemented by the identification of our unique characteristics, our ID points of our Innovative Model, Unique Access, Active Partners and Local Expertise.

With a goal to grow our organisation to the next level, we developed three main strategic goals: increasing access to healthcare, guaranteeing the quality of our services, and strengthening our data management and learnings. In addition, we set internal strategic goals to optimise our funding base, strengthen our governance, enhance our leadership, and maximise the engagement and overall alignment of our global team.

As we move into 2017, North Star Alliance is confident in our direction, and resolutely working towards realising our mission. Together, as friends, colleagues, partners and supporters, we can grow North Star to its full potential – bringing essential health services to people who need it most.

To find out more about our Strategic Outlook, please contact us here.

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