”…The Blue Box is like a bright star, it gives me hope. I stop at the Blue Box because I know they will help me and listen to me. They don’t judge me….No one talks about HIV/AIDS. Truck drivers are terrified to talk about it.” Solomon Aphane*, truck driver

A UNAIDS report in 2017 shows that roughly one in eight people living with HIV are being denied health services because of stigma and discrimination. People living with HIV are more vulnerable to experiencing stigma and discrimination, often simply due to misinformation. Some people living with HIV are rejected by their family and friends, while others are exposed to poor treatment in education and work settings.
What can we do to prevent stigma? Support the campaign of Million Positive Faces and advocate for action!
Million Positive Faces is aiming to collect 1 million selfies to make a powerful statement against stigma and discrimination and we invite you to join us! By taking part of the campaign, you, like North Star are showing your support for people living with HIV around the world.
At North Star Alliance, our value “People Matter” means that we treat everyone with respect and dignity. We work to remove stigma and discrimination from our organisation, the communities we work with, advocating at different levels. We are proud to be a part of #MillionPositiveFaces

*name changed for privacy

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