Meet Rosina, one of our Site Coordinators in South Africa

This week, we introduce you to Rosina, one of our Site Coordinators in our Southern Africa Region.

Raised by her mother, Rosina Ngungunyani came from a loving and caring Zimbabwean family that inspired her to pursue a career in the healthcare sector. Celebrating her 15th year as a Professional Nurse, Rosina continues to grow her skill-set to this day, and just graduated with a degree in Health Sciences and Social Services.

For Rosina, the North Star journey started with a phone call from Charmaine Horner (our HR manager for the Southern Region) inviting her for an interview for a Clinician position at our Ngodwana Blue Box. After a 300km drive to Ngodwana, Rosina was successful hired and officially became part of the North Star family on the 16 September 2013. She’s currently managing our brand new Pomona clinic, also situated in South Africa.

According to her words, a standard day at the Pomona Blue Box includes meeting and helping patients from all “nationalities and walks of life” with the majority being involved in the transport business. Her role consists of both treating and preventing STI’s while also ensuring that Primary Health Care services are given.

The work load at the clinic varies according to seasonality as Rosina has to handle malaria outbreaks, which happen at random times of the year, and are mostly spread by clients coming from DRC, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. She also has to deal with a limited supply of drugs, and carefully manage a stock of antibiotics that can quickly run out due to the increasing demand for North Star’s healthcare services.

Even when she’s facing hard times, Rosina keeps on working and curing her patients and awaits patiently “the light at end of the tunnel” abiding by our Executive Director famous saying, ‘if it was easy someone else would have done it’.

Described as loving and cheerful by her friends, Rosina likes to spend quality time with her family after a long day of labour. A true scholar at heart, she dedicates an important part of her spare time to do further research about HIV/AIDS related issues.

Concerning the general public awareness of North Star’s activities, Rosina would like to let the world know how much of a difference can be made inside a Blue Box, and how grateful the patients are for all of the care and support given to them.

Quick quiz: Which of North Star’s PIQuE core values (People, Integrity, Quality, Entrepreneurial Spirit) do you most identify with, and why?

“INTEGRITY because as the face of the Blue Box we are our own bosses, and Management trusts us to run the clinics and be accountable for whatever is happening or not happening. So I embrace transparency and accountability that is, to do the right thing even if no one is watching me.”

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  1. Comment to Rosina people matter because she treats people from all nationality equaly,She has all the intergrity to take care of all the clients,and all the medical resourses to make sure that the stocks last,her interprenual spirit is shown as she goes deeper into reasearch on prevention of HIV AIds and related issues and her qualitative issues is shown on standardized medical care to the clients as she researches deeper into medical issues

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