Meet David, one of our Project Officers in East Africa

This week we introduce you to David Nyambati, one of our Project Officers (playing a strong role in our IT department) in East Africa.

Growing up in Nairobi, Kenya, David’s formal education took place at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

“I accidentally enrolled for Sociology and Political Science.” He shares with a smile, “I joke, I want to get into politics but hey, who knows, I might just be the best yet.”

While chasing his political dreams at university, he volunteered at a range of places – from one week to months – in a bid to fill long holiday breaks. Little did he know that his final volunteer destination, North Star Alliance, would turn a two-week volunteer stint into a career. He has been here for two years (and counting)!

With that sort of turn of events, transitioning from volunteer to full-time member of our team in East Africa, what keeps him motivated?

“[I] keep in mind the results I want [to see], and that keeps me moving forward to achieve them.”

With a keen (personal) interest in IT, it is a great fit that within his capacity as Project Officer he supports IT more than any other administrative department. David thrives on the variety within his job, “The opportunities to work on something new everyday keep away the monotony, plus my involvement in our programs helps.”

WP_20141003_013Playing a key role in testing our newest version of COMETS, as well as bug-fixing, David is the vital link between our clinical software development and performance. He maintains regular communication with our nurses across the region, ensuring that our software is not only working well, but also remains relevant for our Blue Boxes.

While he says his friends would describe him as “quiet!”, his sense of humour is still strong. When he’s not at North Star plugging away behind a computer, you’ll find David at the gym, reading books or spending time with friends.

Quick Quiz: Which of North Star’s PIQuE core values (People, Integrity, Quality, Entrepreneurial Spirit) does David most identify with, and why?

“People and Integrity.”


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  1. I worked with David on a South African statistics survey last year. He is surely an inspiration to I. Continue with the good work.

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