Malaria Prevention in Chirundu South, Zimbabwe [Gallery]

This past week during World Malaria Day, staff at North Star Alliance Roadside Wellness Centres across East and Southern Africa reached out to their local communities to raise awareness about malaria, and about the testing and treatment services offered at our centres. On World Malaria Day, North Star’s Peer Educator from Ngwenya Swaziland, Thabsile Sithole, also reached out on our blog to raise awareness about malaria symptoms and prevention.

This week, we wanted to look back and share some information and photos from a local malaria awareness campaign organised by North Star staff at our Wellness Centre in Chirundu South, Zimbabwe.

On April 25th, North Star staff and 48 participants met to discuss a range of topics covering malaria prevention, environmental management, symptoms and recognition, and actions to be taken when signs of malaria appear. During the day, three sessions were hosted, one at our Wellness Centre, one at a local gathering, and one at the bus stop.

We would like to thank our staff in Chirundu for documenting their work throughout the day and for sharing it with us. Below are some of the photos.




  1. What a great initiative! North Star staff sure know how to go to where the action is…Congratulations on the successful community outreach.

  2. Thanks to the staff from Chirundu for sharing their work and photos with all of us at North Star and on our blog! Congratulations on the successful campaign!

  3. Excellent approach to community with full team worker with awareness,symptoms,sign,
    testing,treatment,follow-up and preventive aspect.
    Successful campaign among,with my best wishes to your team,need to know more
    Dr.Prakash Sanchetee MBBS,DMCW,DPH,PGDHH,PGDHA.
    Address—A/120,Lake Garden,Kolkata,India

  4. Great team work .Such awareness programs & proper treatment methods will help the tribal communities to fight with the deadly disease . Claps to all of you ..:)

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