Last March, we kicked off a campaign with TNT Express focused on bringing the North Star Alliance Roadside Wellness Centre to conferences, special events, and North Star partners across Europe. Since then, we’ve been busy on the road with more than 40 stops in 6 countries showcasing the simple, yet innovative healthcare solution that North Star and a growing team of partners have been establishing across Africa.

To highlight the impressive scope of this show, TNT Express created a video that takes you from the delivery of a 40′ shipping container, through its conversion to a mobile clinic, to a full scale multi-media exhibition.

Thank you to all of the organisations who have helped make the roadshow successful to date, including:

Academic Medical Center (AMC), Borish BV, Brandwacht & Meijer, Ewals Cargo Care, 6th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (IAS 2011), Ex-Interiors, Fleet Forum, Jisk Film, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, ORTEC, PharmAccess Foundation, TNT Express Benelux, TNT Express European Road Network, TNT Express France, TNT Express Italy, TNT Express Worldwide (Eurohub) S.A. , TNT Express Head Office, UNAIDS, World Food Programme (WFP) Headquarters, WFP Malawi, WFP Mozambique, World Health Organization.

Africa footage taken from “At the Crossroads”, a documentary shot in Malawi by Jisk Film on behalf of North Star Alliance.

For more information on our Roadshow, visit our Roadshow Blog!

  1. 27 April 2012

    Thanks to TNT for putting this great campaign and video together. It does a great job at showcasing some of the partners involved and its fun to see behind the scenes as the container was assembled.

  2. 27 April 2012

    Brought back some awesome memories of my time with North Star in 2008.

  3. 28 April 2012

    The Road Show itself is such a unique and exciting way to show what North Star Alliance is all about. And this video is great for those who can’t see it in person. Thanks to TNT for the initiative and to the other core partners for their enthusiastic support: ORTEC, World Food Programme, UNAIDS, International Transport Workers’ Federation and PharmAccess.

  4. 1 May 2012

    The North Star Road Show was so energising to work on. Most visitors were already engaged in the subject of HIV/AIDS prevention or truck driver health. They left with a greater appreciation of the importance of North Star’s work. The travelling multi-media exhibition was a fabulous tool to help people, quite literally, visualise how North Star delivers on its mission.

    My personal highlight, though, was spending time on the road with Willem and Edward, a Dutch and a Malawian long-haul truck driver. These men work in different continents under vastly different conditions. What was striking, though, was not their differences but their similarities. Both men feel right at home on the road.

  5. 1 May 2012

    Thanks Rosanne for your hard work on this campaign and for sharing your thoughts and photos throughout!

    For anyone interested in finding out more information on the Roadshow including photos and personal accounts, please check out our Roadshow Blog at:

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