Supply chains are in many ways the backbone of economic development and security around the world. Ensuring that the transporters who keep them running are healthy, safe, and have access to the proper infrastructure and technology is, therefore, of tremendous importance. Without each of these critical factors in place, businesses can’t move their goods to market, disease has greater opportunity to spread, and millions of people remain unable to move out of poverty.

To highlight this reality, a documentary series entitled Let’s Get East Africa Moving, produced by Silverfish Media, explores the impact of inefficient transport on the people, businesses, and communities along East Africa’s busy transport corridors.

We wanted to share the flagship film in this series, which features content from over 60 interviews, taken during four weeks of filming in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania. North Star currently operates 13 Roadside Wellness Centres in East Africa.

Thumbnail image: Dave Chidley

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