I will miss my North Star Family

First of all, briefly tell us about yourself?
Alex: I was born and raised in Germany. I began my career after finishing high school in Canada by studying logistics in Gottingen, Germany. I am always self-devoted and continually aspire for greater things in life, this saw me serve in the Navy and moving to Berlin and starting to work for TNT.
I am passionate about volunteering and people using their skills to help other people and organisations, serving deserving communities in The Gambia. This saw me volunteer at UN World Food Programme. I later was asked to join the TNT Head office in the Netherlands in 2006 where I coordinated all-volunteer programmes in cooperation with the UN WFP.

When did you exactly join North Star Alliance and how did you learn about it?
Alex: I learnt of North Star Alliance during my working at TNT around 2006. By then it used to be called North Star Foundation. So North Star Foundation was a joint project between TNT and UN WFP set up in 2006 and managed by Luke Disney, whom I already knew from 2004 when he was working as Communications Manager at Moving the World which was the public-private partnership between TNT / UN WFP. So basically, everyone at TNT was aware of North Star Foundation nowadays called North Star Alliance.

You have been with North Star Alliance for over a decade now, when you look at where North Star is today, how have things changed?
Alex: Yes, a lot has changed and more importantly the opportunity for North Star to spread its wings to different parts of Africa with its Blue Box clinics and we are now talking of over 52 clinics at its peak time along the major transport corridors.
Again, the introduction of matrix management in 2017 is a game-changer that has brought about shared responsibility, better knowledge management and empowerment of the management in all North Star programme facets.

What are some of the achievements you celebrate during your time at North Star Alliance?
Alex: For me, volunteerism is my passion and implementing a volunteer programme for TNT staff at North Star Alliance and helping Johnson & Johnson Global Citizen Trust to set up and implement a volunteer programme were some of my major achievements.

What are you proud of the most about North Star Alliance?
Alex: The awesome, dedicated and friendly staff at North Star have a clear mission of North Star and I have become part of the journey. It is just amazing how staff interact with fellow staff and clients altogether.
Also, the fact that North Star and people realise that viruses travel as well – not only goods.

How would describe your interactions with other staff?

Alex: I would say my interaction with staff has been easy and without any big problems. North Star Alliance staff are friendly and it’s always a pleasure being around them.

What will you miss most about North Star Alliance?
Alex: I would miss my amazing family members in East and Southern Africa.

Your final thoughts?
Alex: It feels strange leaving North Star Alliance virtually. I remember there was a time when leaving an organisation would be done physically like cleaning up the desk, packing your things, farewell by colleagues, with hugs, but this time, there is no physical leave but sitting on my sofa at home. Less interesting. All in all, I am wishing all my colleagues, whom I wish all the best for the future and hope that we will meet again.

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