HIV and Tea? (huh?)

HIV and Tea? How did North Star Alliance come up with this concept?

For the current NRC Charity Awards 2014, we wanted to tell the Dutch public just how important our medical services to Africa are. To convey this message in an arresting and thought provoking manner, we decided on a humble (be it red) tea bag.

How much HIV is in your morning tea?

Many people are unaware that in Africa there is a strong proven link between export and HIV; as exports increase, so do the number of new HIV infections.

While our ad focused on truck drivers and tea, it is not only limited to these groups. It is cotton, cocoa, coffee, flowers and other products – all exported items. And it is the truck drivers, sex workers, their families, children and villages.

We want people to consider these stark realities, the impact of them on their daily lives, and whether they are willing to support North Star Alliance on our long journey – the journey to turn the tide on HIV.

For a really good insight into the realities of truck drivers in Africa, check out this amazing video as featured by the BBC documentary on This World, The Tea Trail by Simon Reeve.

Again, huge thanks go out to Sander Dijkstra at Synsation Design Studio who not only brought this concept to life, but also provided us with a powerful way to share our story, and the story of many African people.

Now that you can see why we chose tea, please choose us. Visit the link below to vote for North Star Alliance and help us to draw the attention of the public to our long road ahead. For a guide on how to vote in English, visit our how-to page here.


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