We are proud to announce that North Star Alliance has been selected to be part of the prestigious 2014 NRC Charity Awards Competition. With €75,000 worth of advertising up for grabs in one of the leading newspapers of the Netherlands, the NRC is giving not-for-profits of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to raise their profile and direct public interest to their cause.

The competition is run through public votes – and every vote counts – which is where you (and your friends, colleagues, family, neighbours… etc!) come in. 

Please vote for North Star by clicking on the link below. Voting is open until 15 September, and every vote counts from all around the world. So please, share your vote and our cause with all your contacts, and help us to share the work of North Star Alliance with the Netherlands.

Hint: the voting is in Dutch, so visit our English guide on how to vote if you’re Dutch is a little rusty. Don’t forget, your vote doesn’t count until you’ve confirmed it  by clicking on the green button in your confirmation email. Now you’re all set!


Again – every vote counts. With your help we can help raise awareness of the vital work that we do, and continue to work towards stopping HIV in it’s tracks.


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