Project Overview

Under Hands Off II, North Star Alliance has continued to increase access to sex workers and build inclusive, health-literate sex worker communities at each of our clinics. Peer educators are used to mobilising their peers to visit Blue Box clinics (or other preferred clinics) and work with nurses to encourage sex workers to make safe and healthy choices. Influential community members are incorporated into Crisis Response Teams and work together strategically to reduce stigma and discrimination from the community and provide support to sex workers who have experienced Gender-Based Violence.

Objectives of the project

AidsFonds Hands Off II programme works to reduce violence against sex workers at community, national and regional level. Specific long-term outcomes include:

  • an empowered and resilient sex worker movement that demands its rights,
  • increased access to and use of inclusive services for sex workers,
  • a more enabling environment for sex work,
  • sex workers are protected and served by law enforcement.

North Star Alliance’s specific outcome under the Hands-Off project is increased access to and use of services for sex workers in addition to working on a more enabling environment for sex work.

Grant period

01 August 2019 – 31 July 2024



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Our clinics are located at ‘hotspots’ such as border posts, transit towns or ports where large numbers of trucks stop, load and offload and where sex work and informal trades flourish. Most are open late, tailored to the hours of our core target populations.