This month, we were happy to welcome a new Roadside Wellness Centre to our network, located in Inchope, Mozambique. The Inchope location is the first Roadside Wellness Centre in the country and was established with generous funding from FHI360, a non-profit human development organisation dedicated to improving lives by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions.

The opening of the clinic at Inchope serves as an important next step in North Star’s effort to expand health care coverage for mobile populations throughout Southern Africa. The clinic is strategically located at the intersection of two major transport routes crossing Mozambique; one linking the port of Beira to the Zimbabwean capital Harare, the other connecting the North of the country to the South. In November of last year, North Star already opened a Wellness Centre on the Beira-Harare corridor in Forbes, on the Zimbabwean-Mozambican border.

We would like to thank FHI360, the United Nations World Food Programme, and the Ministry of Transport and Communication in Mozambique for supporting the establishment of this new clinic.


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