Embracing change: pursuing new challenges

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In January, our Director of North Star’s Southern region, Paul Matthew, shared his intention to step down at the end of June this year in order to pursue new challenges in the social entrepreneurial sector.

One of North Star’s biggest personalities and longest serving employees, Paul was the founder of the Blue Box concept way back in the beginning – when North Star was but a twinkle in the eye of TNT and WFP. Since then, Paul has grown our Southern region to a formidable network of 38 clinics across 10 countries, formed valuable relationships with our local and international partners, pioneered programmes like Hands Off! and DEMO, and his entrepreneurial mindset has continued to search for new and innovative ways for us to serve our target communities.
Perhaps most importantly over this time, Paul built a strong, loyal team of people committed to fulfilling the mission of North Star. Bringing health to those who need it most.
As an organisation, we are incredibly thankful for all that Paul has done for North Star, for the team and for the hundreds of thousands of clients that frequented North Star’s clinics over the past decade. We wholeheartedly recognise the role that he has played in getting North Star to where we are now, and we will forever remain thankful for his energy, commitment and passion for our people and our organisation.
Over the past few months Paul has been making his way around our Southern region, visiting as many of our Blue Box clinics as he can, and he will continue to do this over the next three months. We welcome our staff, and our partners, to take the time to connect with Paul during this time; let’s recognise the work we have done together, the good times we have shared, and the highlights of our working career with him.
North Star will miss Paul’s entrepreneurial spirit, his energy, his big personality and his big heart, however we are confident that his decision leads him on to new challenges, where his strengths and passion can be channelled into a new direction that will no doubt change lives.



  1. Thanks so much to our great, hero and hard working man Mr Paul Mathew for bringing North star to where it is today. Truly when he is gone we will miss him. More best wishes for his future endeavors.

  2. Wishing you all the best Paul. It was a huge honour to work with you.

    Peter Black

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