On Sunday, North Star Alliance colleague, Samba Touray, returned from his mission to the Ebola zone. Over the space of almost two weeks he spent time collecting data at the World Food Programme Ebola Response Unit in Dakar, Senegal; as well as in Monrovia, Liberia, and Freetown, Sierra Leone.
After receiving Samba’s report on Tuesday, the Management team had a conference call with him to review his findings.
“Our first impression is that there is work for us to do. Specifically, we think we can set up teams in both countries to help keep the truckers, warehouse and port workers WFP is contracting healthy and aware of safe Ebola practices.” Says Executive Director, Luke Disney, “In the future, we hope to build these efforts into fully functioning Wellness Centres.”
Currently, North Star Alliance is awaiting confirmation of the process with the WFP head of logistics. If all proceeds according to plan, it is likely that North Star will quickly thereafter appoint a Head of Mission and start selecting a team to deploy. 
More news to come.
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