At the Crossroads [VIDEO]

TNT-North Star Alliance Roadshow at ORTEC

Over the past month, North Star Alliance and TNT have hit the road, visiting truck stops, conferences, and office blocks across Europe to raise awareness about health, mobility, and the important role North Star Alliance’s network of Roadside Wellness Centers is playing across East, West, and Southern Africa.

As a part of this Roadshow, TNT sponsored the production of a 22 minute documentary that explores the links between health and mobility by following Edward, a 45-year-old long-haul truck driver in Malawi, Africa. For the past 20 years, Edward has traversed African corridors, spending an average of 26 days a month on the road. Edward was kind enough to let us spend six days traveling with him. Today, we would like to share his story with you.

Thanks to help from JISK Film, who shot and produced the full documentary, we’ve compiled a 6 minute version of “At the Crossroads”.

About the TNT-North Star Alliance Roadshow

TNT-North Star Alliance Roadshow at ORTECIn 2005, TNT and the World Food Programme, two of North Star Alliance’s core partners, established North Star to address the spread of HIV among mobile populations in Africa. Today, North Star operates 22 Roadside Wellness Centers in ten African countries.

This year, TNT launched the TNT-North Star Alliance Roadshow with the purpose of raising awareness about North Star among employees of TNT and other North Star partners. To do this, TNT sponsored the construction of a  replica Roadside Wellness Centre that will be travelling to TNT and other North Star partner locations in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Italy.

Check out the trailer:

At the Crossroads (Trailer) from North Star Alliance on Vimeo.

To learn more about the Roadshow, visit some previous Roadshow Blog Posts! To request that the Roadshow visit your office, please visit our Contact Us page.

Documentary Credits

Director: Nanno Jiskoot
DOP: Aage Hollander
Sound: Peter Mazunda
Editor: Kristian Claas
TNT: Rosanne Bonanno
North Star Alliance: Clémentine Noblecourt

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