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HIV and Tea? (huh?)

HIV and Tea? How did North Star Alliance come up with this concept? For the current NRC Charity Awards 2014, we wanted to tell the Dutch public just how important our medical services to Africa are. To convey this message in an arresting and thought provoking manner, we decided on a humble (be it red) […]

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Help North Star win the 2014 NRC Charity Awards!

We are proud to announce that North Star Alliance has been selected to be part of the prestigious 2014 NRC Charity Awards Competition. With €75,000 worth of advertising up for grabs in one of the leading newspapers of the Netherlands, the NRC is giving not-for-profits of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to raise their profile and direct […]

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A Message on World AIDS Day

Seven years ago, HIV and AIDS were having a devastating impact on Africa’s truck drivers. Without access to health services along their routes, HIV was left unchecked, and, just like the goods drivers were transporting, able to move along corridors into communities across the continent. The impact of this was not only being felt by […]

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People, Business and Society at OR2013: The International Conference on Operations Research

This week, OR2013, the International Conference on Operations Research, kicked off in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The conference brings leaders from academia, business, government, and the not-for-profit sector together to explore how operations research and optimisation processes can positively impact people, business, and society as a whole. As part of the conference, which is being hosted in […]

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Private Sector and Global Health: ORTEC and North Star Alliance

What defines the leading corporate health programs? How are companies across sectors thinking about innovation, sustainability and the future of their work? Learn from the 2013 Business Action on Health award winners as they discuss their current programs’ effectiveness and their goals for the years ahead. Recently, GBCHealth announced a new video interview series called […]

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