Building Technology for Health: North Star Alliance and ORTEC [VIDEO]

This week, North Star Alliance is attending the 2013 GBC Health Conference in New York, where we are being recognised alongside our long time partner ORTEC, at the Business Action on Health Awards for our electronic health passport system, COMETS.

With the opening reception only hours away, and the Technology for Health Award presentation coming up tomorrow, we wanted to take a moment to share a bit more information about a unique partnership that has made it possible for mobile populations, like long-distance truck drivers, to have access to their health records and essential health services at our network of roadside health clinics across Africa.

Recently, during ORTEC’s CEE Customer Day in Bucharest, Romania, North Star Alliance’s Executive Director, Luke Disney, had an opportunity to address ORTEC staff and customers to explain a bit about North Star’s work, and how our partnership with ORTEC has ensured access to health care for some of Africa’s most hard-to-reach populations.

Please take a moment to watch the video, or find out more about the GBC Health Business Action on Health Awards by reading our press release.


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