Stichting North Star Alliance is a Public Benefit Organisation under the law of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Since 1 January 2014 we are obliged to publish the following information:

Name of the Public Benefit organisation: Stichting North Star Alliance
Address: Maliebaan 92
3581 CX Utrecht
the Netherlands
Telephone: +31 30 234 3210
Chamber of Commerce registration number: 34256950
RSIN number: 8170.25.200
The Mission:
  1. Stichting North Star Alliance’s mission is to provide quality healthcare to mobile workers and the communities they interact with.
  2. Stichting North Star Alliance envisions a world where all people lead healthy lives.
  3. Stichting North Star Alliance has unique access to mobile workers via Blue Box clinics. With public and private partnerships, Stichting North Star Alliance invests in an international network of local operators leveraging community impact.
  4. Stichting North Star Alliance commits to do everything that is related to the aforementioned or can contribute to that, such in the broadest meaning of the word.
  5. Stichting North Star Alliance does not intend to make any profit.
Annual Operational Report: all Annual Operational Reports
Annual Operational Plan: North Star Strategy & Operational Plan 2017-2020
Annual Financial Report: all Annual Financial Reports
Board compilation: Supervisory Board
Board of Directors 
Staff members: Utrecht office staff
Remuneration: Management Board
The board members do not receive remuneration, except reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs associated with attending board meetings, and other events, as representatives of Stichting North Star Alliance. The remuneration of staff members is not based on a Collective Labour Agreement, but is accordance with the applicable general laws. Stichting North Star Alliance salaries are comparative with NGO’s of similar size.
Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board members of Stichting North Star Alliance are entitled to reasonable reimbursement of travelling and accommodation expenses made in performing their tasks, if requested and documented. Expense reimbursements paid to the Members of the Supervisory Board shall be transparently recorded and explained in the annual accounts of Stichting North Star Alliance.