AIDS 2016: Tour our Cato Ridge Blue Box clinic

Chevron and North Star Alliance have teamed up to offer all conference delegates from the International AIDS Conference 2016 (AIDS 2016) a free guided tour of our Cato Ridge Blue Box clinic, as part of the AIDS 2016 Engagement Tours.

The clinic is located at the Cato Ridge Truck Stop on the N3, one of the busiest roads in South Africa and a major trucking route. Last year alone, the Cato Ridge Blue Box clinic received 3,821 visits, and provided primary health care and HIV testing and counselling to hard-to-reach populations such as truck drivers and sex workers.

What to expect?

Each AIDS 2016 Engagement Tour tour lasts 45 minutes (excluding travel time), and will be hosted and animated by some of our wonderful staff working in South Africa.

After an introduction to North Star’s work and origins, visitors will be given an overview of the range of health services offered at the clinics.

Visitors will also learn about the critical role that education plays in changing behaviours and how we are working with our clients towards implementing better health practices.

Finally, delegates will learn about how COMETS, our electronic health passport system, let us ensure a continuity of care with all of our clients.

Why AIDS 2016 delegates should come?

The purpose of the tour is to provide a unique glimpse of what a Blue Box clinic looks like, how it runs, how it coexists with its location, and how it helps to win the fight against HIV by providing the right treatment, testing, and prevention.

When does the tour take place?

The tour is scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of AIDS 2016 from 14:15 to 16h:30.

How to register?

Engagement tours are very popular amongst conference delegates and there are a limited amount of seats available. Be sure to book as soon as possible to secure a spot.

To register, please send an email with your name, conference registration number and the name of the tour (North Star Alliance) to The meeting point will be communicated to participants via email.

Looking forward to seeing you at AIDS 2016!

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